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Criminal Defense Attorney Based in Boulder, Colorado

Have you been busted? Arrested? Contacted by law enforcement? Has your friend been busted and they need your help? Do you need advice on what might be illegal in the various ways that Colorado treats medical and recreational marijuana?

As a former Judge and Pot Lawyer for over 45 years, I am the attorney you want to call. Are you concerned about being investigated and want to learn how to approach it legally? Do you hope for the best results? Everyone knows results can’t be ethically promised, so review this website for bio information, and Google Leonard Frieling to get a view of my background and position in the legal community nationally, locally, and state-wide. My reputation speaks for itself.

Facing Criminal Charges?

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Handling cases primarily in Larimer, Denver, Adams, Boulder, Broomfield, Jefferson (Jeffco), Gilpin, Park, Clear Creek, Lake and Arapahoe Counties, we handle cases in all of the 64 Colorado Counties. I also handle cases in surrounding states including Utah, Kansas, Nebraska, and Oklahoma, if the case justifies my participation as lead counsel.

Areas of Practice Overview

Our Dolan + Zimmerman [] firm handles a wide range of criminal cases. We are deeply involved in all forms of drug cases, including the driving aspects, domestic violence cases, sex assault cases of all types, assaults ranging from simple “unconsented touching” misdemeanors to vehicular assault and vehicular homicide. There ARE no “small cases.” There is a right way to handle a case, regardless of whether the case involves a tragic death or a 3 point speeding ticket. Of course some cases require far more time and effort, engender more stress for everyone, and carry far greater penalties. BUT to the person facing charges or investigation, that case is the most important serious case in their lives at the moment, and that must be appreciated and understood by the lawyer handling the case. For the defendant, “going to court” is an even of great significance and stress, even though it may be a court appearance that for the lawyer is “routine” or uncontested. What may be easier for us as the attorney may not be easier for the defendant, our client. We can never forget that!

I have been practicing criminal defense law in Colorado since 1976, after graduating from Rutgers Law School. My practice and most of my 40+ years of experience are limited to most areas of state criminal defense. Learn more about Leonard I. Frieling PC’s consulting service. I am an author, lecturer, mentor, writer, activist, and talk-show host, and I've played a lawyer on TV. Being invited to join the Criminal Law Section of the Johnnie Cochran Law Firm as a Colorado lawyer was a great honor and privilege. I served until his death, and was then made lead counsel for the succor Imhoff and Associates criminal defense section for Colorado.

If you are facing criminal charges, I'm ready to provide the representation you deserve from my office in Boulder, Colorado. Don't hesitate, call immediately. Billing only begins after a fee agreement is signed and a retainer is paid. Retainers, of course, vary with the severity of the case, the location of the case, and the criminal history of the specific client.

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