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Leonard L. Frieling Aug. 10, 2022

The Doobie DOs!

Colorado NORML’s Doobie-DOs!

Retail Marijuana Shopping After January 1

  • Residents of Colorado: DO purchase up to one ounce of marijuana if you are 21 or older, but only from a licensed retail marijuana store.

  • Visitors to Colorado: DO purchase up to one-quarter ounce of marijuana if you are 21 or older, but only from a licensed retail marijuana store.

  • DO bring cash and a valid photo ID when you shop at a licensed marijuana store.

  • DO feel free to ask questions while shopping, including the effects and use of particular strains of marijuana, the myriad of tinctures, edibles, elixirs, and topicals, as well as about the various delivery systems.

  • DO consider 10mg or less as starter dose for edibles. Wait 45 minutes or longer to see how you feel before consuming more. Falling asleep or feeling too “high” is avoidable.

  • DO be aware that some stores will be selling both medical and retail marijuana products, but most medical marijuana stores have not yet converted to retail or “recreational” marijuana stores. Those stores will only be able to sell to qualified Colorado Medical Marijuana Patients and cannot sell marijuana to the general adult public.

  • DO expect to pay substantial taxes when you purchase recreational marijuana from a licensed retail marijuana store.

Medical Marijuana Shopping After January 1

  • DO purchase and possess up to two ounces of marijuana or marijuana products if you are a Registered Colorado Medical Marijuana Patient.

  • DO be aware that the fee to apply for a Colorado Medical Marijuana License has been reduced to $15.

  • DO be aware that the excise and special marijuana sales taxes apply to retail or “recreational” marijuana but not to medical marijuana.

  • DO remember to renew your Medical Marijuana Registry Card annually and to send in your renewal application paperwork at least 4-6 weeks before it expires.

Visiting Colorado

  • DO feel free to enjoy the hospitality of this budding new industry while you're visiting Colorado.

  • DO remember that the marijuana you enjoy in Colorado may be stronger than what you are accustomed to.

  • DO check with your hotel, lodge, restaurant or club about their policy regarding marijuana smoking.

  • DO ski in Colorado, but be aware some ski runs are on Federal land where marijuana is still illegal.

  • DO be aware of any restrictions on "open and public" consumption in the community you are visiting. It varies across the state.

  • DO remember that out-of-state Medical Marijuana Cards are not recognized in Colorado.

  • DO enjoy marijuana while you are visiting Colorado, but please don’t take it with you when you leave!

  • DO be patient with us. We're making history here.

Having Fun In Colorado

  • DO smoke politely, but not "openly and publicly" or “in a manner that endangers others”.

  • DO be mindful of those around you. Courtesy is always appreciated.

  • DO be aware that recreational marijuana can only be sold from a licensed marijuana store, and cannot be legally purchased on the street or off the Internet.

  • DO share up to one ounce of your marijuana with your friends, but don't expect anything in return.

  • DO keep your marijuana and marijuana products safely out of the reach of children and pets.

  • DO make sure that everyone is aware of any infused edibles at a party or get-together. An accidental high is uncomfortable and could put you at risk.

  • DO start out with a smaller amount, if you're new to concentrates or edibles. You can always go back for more.

  • DO feel free to consume marijuana in the passenger compartment of a limousine if allowed by the operator.

  • DO make sure that everyone is aware of any infused edibles at a party or get-together. An accidental high is uncomfortable and could put you at risk.

  • DO dispose of your trash. Roaches and wrappers don't leave a very good impression of responsible cannabis consumers.

  • Do keep Colorado marijuana IN Colorado!

Driving in Colorado

  • DO be aware that Colorado has laws prohibiting impaired driving. Colorado law considers drivers to be impaired if they have more than 5 nanograms of active THC in the blood. Some, but NOT ALL, consumers will be below that number three hours after smoking or vaporizing, though some people will still be well above 5 ng.

  • DO recognize that the effects of alcohol and marijuana together may be more than the sum of their parts; take extra time to get sober before driving!

  • DO use the free NORML "WALK or DRIVE" I Phone App to check impairment before getting behind the wheel! Download it now.

  • DO keep all marijuana and paraphernalia stowed safely in the trunk of your car and out of reach of the driver.

  • DO smoke marijuana away from your vehicle. The smell of burnt marijuana could prompt suspicion of driving under the influence of marijuana.

  • DO fasten your seatbelts, use your headlights at dusk, use your turn signals when initiating a turn, and stop completely at a stop sign.

  • DO be courteous and polite to Police Officers who pull you over for any reason.

Being Aware in Colorado

  • DO know your constitutional rights under both the U.S. and Colorado Constitutions!

  • DO ask if you are under arrest when being detained by law enforcement. Ask, “Am I free to go?” If arrested or detailed, remain silent and state clearly, “I want to remain silent.” Ask for an attorney.

  • DO legally possess up to one ounce of marijuana at any time if you are 21 years old or older.

  • DO be aware that local ordinances may limit where you can purchase and enjoy marijuana.

  • DO be aware that public consumption or display in Denver carries a civil fine of up to $999.

  • DO possess and consume marijuana in Colorado, but not in federal buildings, in federal parks, or on federal land.

  • DO be aware that 25 grams—less than an ounce—gets you FOUR YEARS IN PRISON in Kansas! Other states may have similar laws.

Growing Your Marijuana in Colorado

  • DO grow up to six plants for yourself, in an enclosed and locked space. DO only flower three plants at a time.

  • DO keep 100% of the harvest of your own plants in your closed and locked space, which can be your home itself.

  • DO be aware that your local jurisdiction may limit the number of plants you can have in a “residential dwelling”, regardless of the number of adults who live there.

  • DO understand your landlord or building manager's policy regarding home cultivation.

  • DO comply with applicable building codes. They are there to protect us.

DO enjoy the Holidays!

Love and Peace,
Your Friends at Colorado NORML

In the map below, view how Colorado counties and cities stand on the issue of recreational pot shops.


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