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Leonard L. Frieling Aug. 10, 2022

The District Attorney's Office Remodel Is Essential

I have worked in Boulder as an attorney in myriad roles since 1976, before the construction of the Community Justice Center, through the conversion of the jail in that building into a district attorney's office, and I still work in the building quite frequently.

It is simply astonishing that the district attorney have succeeded in using the space as well as they have. Having reviewed the suggestions reported in the Daily Camera, Oct. 17, the remodel suggestions strike me as essential, understated and conservative.Continued

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Xylazine  -

Today’s new word is “xylazine.” We think we’ve started to learn about fentanyl. Now we must learn about xylazine-fentanyl mix.

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How to choose a lawyer  -

“How to choose a lawyer” is the first question asked by a criminal defendant. Whether someone is already charged or just being investigated, the choice of lawyer may be the single most important decision a defendant must make.

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Fentanyl Death Solutions  -

I believe, as do many, that experimentation with, use of, or addiction to illicit drugs does not warrant a random death penalty.

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