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Leonard L. Frieling Aug. 10, 2022

Stopped Six Times!

On excellent authority, a young man (over 21) with two friends were delivering a sold car to a Kansas buyer. All legit, no drugs or cash.

On the interstate, they were stopped SIX TIMES by state troopers. The young man (right or wrong) permitted several searches. There was one canine. Nothing was ever found (because it was not there).

The reasons for the stops ranged from "taillight too dark" to speeding 78/75 (78 in a 75). NO tickets were issued, just warnings. Obviously these pretext stops were looking for drugs and cash. How do we boycott Kansas? Stop eating corn and other crops from there? I don't know, I do a need for extreme caution when I see it In Kansas the LEGAL ounce of pot bought 1/4 oz at a time in Colorado by someone over 21 becomes a serious and very high risk of a 4-5 year prison term in Kansas.

The above post was originally published by Lenny on TalkLeft.

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