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Leonard L. Frieling Aug. 10, 2022

New Colorado Hemp Law

A new Colorado Hemp law means progress.   The new law was signed May 31, 2014.  Colorado is continuing to progress in this VERY important part of the cannabis legalization effort.  The importance of industrial hemp should not be forgotten in the world of medical and recreational.  A good general (and I believe accurate) source of information on industrial hemp is at Colorado NORML on hemp

The history of hemp is a mix of folk myth and fact.  The sails on the Columbus three ships were hemp (as were virtually all sails on earth at that time, and until the mid to late 1800s).  The declaration of independence is on parchment, an animal product, and not on hemp.   On the other hand, it appears likely that one of the two drafts of the Declaration of Independence was written on hemp paper.  I believe it is in the Library of Congress or in the National Archives.  "They" have no current plans to examine the draft to determine the truth.  

American-grown hemp, at the STRONG URGING of the US Government, in fact helped win WWII (and helped avoiding losing WWII because already built battle ships and other naval assets could not be outfitted and launched into service with the loss of our supply source and stock of Manila Hemp.  After helping to win the war, the crops were burned by the Government.

The above post was originally published by Lenny on TalkLeft.

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