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Lenny Frieling Jan. 4, 2019

Inoculate the Northern Migration: Border Crises Mitigation

Whatever anyone anticipates as the ultimate fate of the children of the Northern Migration toward Texas and California, we have a large number of children that are posing a threat to themselves, to each other, and to unrelated population in their path.

It appears to serve the interests of all to see that these youngsters are immunized and inoculated for a variety of diseases. Let’s protect many, ameliorate or cure some present problems, prevent some future problems, and ultimately do it for a smaller total cost in hard dollars than choosing to not act.

Whether it is indigenous to the children’s’ geographic history or is something to which they are now exposed, these children present a variety of medical challenges.

We all benefit from having MDs and Team who specialize in the appropriate knowledge of relevant disease medicine, like the CDC, share that knowledge. We need to know what protection and treatment can be provided. We need protection and treatment for the children and we need self-motivated protection and possibly treatment for the rest.

As to funding, I would love to see UN funding in reacting to what many call a developing crises. If the US bears the brunt of the expense, we could spin it quite nicely. “US RESCUES LIMBO CHILDREN.” “US LEADS WORLD EFFORT TO PROTECT PEOPLE REGARDLESS OF ORIGIN.”
Drug companies could gain great press by supplying the appropriate medications at bargain rates or free.

If donated, the medicine does not interfere with the “wall funding” issue. Regardless of which side of the wall one is on, all benefit from a little preventative medicine. Did someone say “kickstarter?”


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