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Leonard I. Frieling PC

We do not handle regulatory and business matters relating to establishing and maintaining canna-business unless violations are alleged or investigated by the MED (Marijuana Enforcement Division of the Department of Revenue) or any other form of law enforcement is involved. Remember that many cases are resolved by negotiations, and trials are rarely necessary.
Exploring getting into the marijuana business in Colorado in a new way with a new idea? Hope to go into the canna business more "by the book" in a more conservative way? Hope to grow and sell pot or marijuana products from soda to candy to tinctures to salves in Colorado?   Knowing where to start can be the hardest part. Starting right can be the biggest saver of time and money and the best insurance for navigating this ever-changing minefield. The first step is generally the hardest and the longest.  I can make it shorter and easier, and long-term, possibly save you a fortune.

Since my job is not to take on long-term business clients, I can provide unbiased suggestions for your business Lawyer.  My job in obtaining Cannabis licensing and compliance is to guide you in the right starting direction. 

Long-term, you will need a specialty business lawyer and an accountant with expertise in this unique area of accounting.  Statutes, rules, and regulations for owning, operating, or being employed by a canna business can and do change hourly, especially during any legislative session. Every county, municipality, and combination of city and county, such as Denver, as well as the state of Colorado, have a stake in this new source of revenue.  Most have different and contradictory laws and ordinances which may or may not be constitutional, and may or may not comply with other state laws. I  keep as current as possible with ongoing study, reading, networking, and more from which you can benefit. Most recently the issues raised by Delta-8 THC and other cannabinoids made from legal hemp-derived CBD (cannabidiol, one of 115 + cannabinoids found in the plant).  

If you need certainty, with no risk, you are considering the wrong business.  My exposure to many aspects of this law and my significant and successful work in legalizing marijuana in Colorado (and nationally) over many years allow me to prognosticate with a proven prediction record, frequently correctly predicting the future of and timing of new laws and new local, state, and federal actions. Of course, I make NO claims that I can predict the future. My educated guesses have frequently been spot-on.  For some issues, there are fairly concrete answers, and even those can change by the day. My decades of experience as a criminal defense lawyer and as a pot activist locally, state-wide, nationally, and internationally can be invaluable in helping to inform and direct your efforts. This also frequently improves results in cases.  

If I can answer a question quickly, during an initial phone call, I am happy to do that without charging.  My experience is that while some questions do have quick answers, most quickly turn into a well-over-an-hour discussion. Again, the “meter” is not running until a fee agreement is signed and a retainer is paid. Your initial phone call to me does NOT get billed for.  

My background and education, past and ongoing, in addition to my decades in the courtroom, also includes the sciences, business and sales, analytic talent, sales training, and uncommonly insightful common sense.

One client comment as an example:

Lenny! What an informative, relaxed consultation. You make talking law actually fun, thank you so much; I'll keep you updated! I am FAR more relaxed and calm after talking to you.